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If they're fat, it's much harder to be in charge and it's harder to get good angles for deep penetration unless you're Dirk Diggler. We would take a NSFW selfie with her in it and then the next morning we would compare pictures and judge who hooked the biggest whale, then the winner would take the prize. She loves being tied up and fucked. Most times, the winner would just obtain alcohol for all of us underage boots. Can also mean they're not as flexible and easily maneuverable and things can be a bit harder to get to but mostly the same outside of the visual difference. Total opposite from my perspective, when I was skinny, having sex with skinny women could get painful after a while because of the less padded pubic areas.

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  1. Well I can understand amateurs and inpendant performers, but for professional shoots the majority only have an alias, and they're not afraid to show their faces. And that's exactly what I meant. Would you enjoy a world with all your porn video blurred at both the private areas and the face?

  2. You don't think she might have chosen to stop doing porn while pregnant, or forever, for her own reasons? That is a thing that happens too.