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While most of the men Changing men in Southern Africa. She gives in to get it over with. She is getting violated. In the following extracts the research participants describe what happened to them:. I laughed out loud and he picked on me and I just thought that we would fight all because of what he did to me. Available editions United Kingdom.

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Journal of Southern African Studies.

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Force and temptation: South African men's accounts of coercion into sex by men and women

Then when he came to beat me I apologised, and when he turned his back I just beat him down with a stick, beating him and kicking him hating what he did to me when I was young. Another boy was raped at knife point, and again his initial vulnerability rested on his obedience to an older man. Is what their husbands are doing a form of rape? What I noticed was that she already had pubic hair, so why was she giving me this? Perhaps the most compelling justification for reform relates to how the men labelled what has happened to them.

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man woman forced to have sex together
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man woman forced to have sex together
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