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Nodding at him, he slowly undressed, his lean body showing while you yourself changed into it. Wide eyed he reached for a tissue, but it was no use, the shirt ruined although you had plans afterwards. This time you had no choice but to do the same. You mumbled and Hobi sighed. You see the door swing open. Actually yelled at me over toast.

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You had wanted to reach out of your comfort zone for a while now but your nerves won you over every single time the thought crossed your mind.

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He confessed and licked his lips. He raised his eyebrows, just waiting for you to do what he wanted. You were caught between him and the wall when he started to move his fingers over your folds, gently and slow. You brush out your hair and head downstairs. He muttered and pulled you closer. He lost himself in your sweet skin, your noises and your wet core.

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