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Clitoral contact in particular feels abrasive without a proper warmup, says Lou Paget, a sex educator and the author of How to Be a Great Lover. Try working that clitoral complex by hitting multiple hot spots at once. Group 10 Created with Sketch. Use indirect stimulation first, paying careful attention to her reactions as a guide. Caroline Muggia 2 hours ago. Get Fit Plan for the Lazy Man

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Better Sex For Her

This is helpful because if you are both interested in helping her orgasm, staying focused on stimulating the outer areas is a great way to start. We scoured the latest studies, grilled dozens of experts, and polled more than women to come up with this enlightening list of 12 rules guaranteed to make you a better lover—tonight. Email Address Sign up Error message. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Lie pressed against each other with your penis snug between her legs, allowing her to slide and rub against you while you use your hands and mouth elsewhere. When women worry less say, about STDsthey enjoy themselves more.

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