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If he is unable to address the issue in a reasonable manner and there is no health problem explanation for his low sex drive, particularly if he's minimizing it's affect on your self esteem then you need to consider if you want to be in the relationship. He usually turns off the tv. It could be his T levels. I wouldn't assume that he is getting it elsewhere as I certainly wasn't and didn't want to but maybe try to see if there is anything that he "nags " you about that might seem trivial to youthings that keep coming up. Also, lack of sleep will affect his sex drive and if he has alot on his mind with regards to his anxiety and depression that definitely lowers the sex drive too. So when you discuss these tender issues with your mate, it is important to follow my empathic process. I remember him thinking I had a shopping list and then going red when he realised it was a list of fantasties.

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My self confidence is now non-existent from being constantly rejected.

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I’m happy with my boyfriend but don’t want sex

Sorry that I don't have an answer or any advice for you. If you choose divorce, you should continue with a professional counselor, to help you heal these marital wounds and not repeat this mistake again. We have been together for almost a year now. Now, I know for certain that he loves me and he assures me that he's still attracted to me and does not want anyone else. I have tried to have conversations with him which end in me in tears and him consoling me.

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i dont want to fuck your man
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i dont want to fuck your man
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