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Sildenafil can cause serious side effects. Older men -- particularly men in their 60s and 70s -- are less likely to experience frequent morning wood than younger men. Spinal Cord Injury Information Network. Tips include eating more chocolate…. Loss of nocturnal erection can be a useful marker of common diseases affecting erectile function. On the other hand, the absence of morning wood can also, in some cases, be an indicator of ED issues.

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NO is released by cells that line the inside of blood vessels which then diffuses into smooth muscle, causing it to relax.

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Everything You Need To Know About Morning Wood

You have grown up together and shared many experiences, but how well do you really know your penis? This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Some men may experience an erection as long as two hours during their sleep. Hypersomnia Insomnia Kleine—Levin syndrome Narcolepsy Sleep apnea Central hypoventilation syndrome Obesity hypoventilation syndrome Sleep state misperception. Your testosterone level is at its highest in the morning after you wake up.

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