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Marge decides to actually watch the surveillance as she sees that Maggie was placed next to Moe's and Homer actually sees what goes on and attempts to save her as he gets beaten up himself Our hero. Inside, Moe continues to express his love for her as Maya asks Moe why she hasn't seen his friends yet We haven't seen her friends yet so what's the big deal? Then again, spending too much time with the family can be exhausting. During the episode, Homer states that "if someone loved you once, they can love again. Moe actually did need to get the passenger seat to his car, which he had removed for better mileage. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat

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Maya stops Moe just before the surgery, as she wants someone who sees her as "beautiful" not "short", and who doesn't need to cut himself down to her size in order to love her.

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Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe

Check out our article on the new Treehouse of Horror teaser for The Simpsons: Maya next appeared in " Looking for Mr. After some back and forth arguing, Homer decides to spend time with her and takes her to Moe's with him Sure take the baby to a bar, what could go wrong? Look at me being polite. Nick Riviera voice Harry Shearer After getting the attention of the barflies By shooting his shotgun into the air and nothing happens, um, I'm pretty sure bullets do damageMoe exposites why he was cleaning up, he found a woman on a chat-room that's dumber than Homer, er I mean "A sophisticated intelligent woman" and he fell in love with her This is just incredibly painful, Moe gives a very bad joke and she thinks he's funny.

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moe dates a midget
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moe dates a midget
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