Sexuality issues and teen

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Females who are attracted to other females are known as lesbians; males who are attracted to other males are known as gay. Instead, sexual orientation is just a natural part of who a person is. The Global Situation of Young People. But not everyone has the same good support systems. Similarly, girls may find they produce vaginal secretions for no apparent reason, even when they're not menstruating.

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Some teens are not ready to announce their sexuality until they are adults.

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The Development Of Adolescent Sexuality

Most medical experts, including those at the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP and the American Psychological Association APAbelieve that sexual orientation involves a complex mix of biology, psychology, and environmental factors. Psychosexual development and human sexuality. Some people might go beyond just thinking about it and experiment with sexual experiences with people of their own sex or of the opposite sex. Whether gay, straight, bisexual, or just not sure, almost everyone has questions about physically maturing and about sexual health — like if certain body changes are "normal," what's the right way to behave, or how to avoid sexually transmitted infections STIs. Teens may also begin hinting about their own sexual activity to gauge others' reactions and readiness to talk about sex. Early adolescence is a precarious period in youths' sexual development because of the inter-relationship between sexual development, cognitive developmentand emotional development.

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sexuality issues and teen
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sexuality issues and teen
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