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Life In The Tribe part 1 9. Retrieved 18 September On the show, Aang is the young and fun-loving successor to a long line of Avatars, and is forced to put his childhood aside in order to overthrow the evil Fire Nation. No ice involved this time. Archived from the original on August 25,

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The invasion is at first successful but Aang and his friends cannot find Ozai and are forced to retreat.

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The Last Airbender: Split Screen

Your email address will not be published. During a face off in the catacombs underneath the ancient city, Azula nearly kills Aang, forcing the protagonists to retreat with help from Iroh and leaving the Earth Kingdom under the control of the Fire Nation. Retrieved from " https: However, he tried to get that nagging feeling out of his brain before something bad happened. Sokka is Katara's sarcastic and cynical brother, also from the South Pole.

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avatar the last airbender katara seen naked
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avatar the last airbender katara seen naked
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