Middle eastern erotic fiction

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Extract 'I had become liquid I was willing to yield to Hassan anything that he wished but no sooner had the lips of my sheath been penetrated than I involuntarily clung more tightly around his neck and, sustaining myself in that way, prevented him from entering further. She was of medium height with full contours, graceful as a fawn yet voluptuous in the bold roundness of her bosoms and the grand swell of her thighs. Then he turned towards me, let his eyes rove over my naked form and addressed some soothing words to me. In a few moments I would have been ripe to melting, but El Jelis could not wait; her buttocks settled heavily upon me, her sheath loosened and her moisture flushed my genitals.

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While he is there, the city becomes hopelessly barricaded by a snow storm, and the local military stages a coup, killing many Islamic fundamentalists.

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A Night in a Moorish Harem/The Arabian Lady's Story

I could have murmured with delight still louder, but kept still for very shame. There she falls under the spell of Driss, a sophisticated, European-educated cardiologist who initiates her into the pleasures of the flesh and becomes at once "my master and my torturer". I didn't want to write politically, but I did look for something radical. In Britain it is being published by Transworld. The Almond would never have been published in the Arab world, she says, where male subjugation of women is "not the work of the Prophet or God

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middle eastern erotic fiction
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middle eastern erotic fiction
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